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OAC is a full-service aviation consulting company providing services to airport owners and operators as well as federal and state aviation-related agencies. The consulting services offered by OAC range from broad problem-solving consulting to specialized technical analyses in the following areas:

Airport Development

  • Demand, Capacity, and Operations Analyses

  • Airfield Layout Planning

  • Airspace Obstructions Analyses

  • Ramp Planning and Operations Analyses

  • Airport Operations and Safety Evaluations

  • Construction Operations Planning

Airport Feasibility Studies

  • Aviation Demand Forecasting

  • Design Day Flight Schedule Development

  • Average Annual Day Activity and Annual Landing and Takeoff Cycle Development

  • Air Service Development

Airspace Evaluations and Development

  • Site surveys and regulatory filing requirements ensuring FAA compliance

Expert Aviation Testimony 

  • We have the technical expertise to provide testimony throughout the United States for Aircraft and/or Airspace​ ​

Aircraft Sales

  • Pre-purchase inspection, negotiation and investments​

Land Use Planning

  • Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150, Noise Compatibility Programs

  • Airport Land Use Compatibility Plans

  • Airspace Protection Plans and Zoning

  • Noise Land Inventories and Reuse Plans

  • Land Development/Airport Compatibility Impact Assessments

  • Collateral Land Development Plans

UAS, NextGen and ADS-B Certifications

  • Air Traffic Control Management Analysis

  • ATC and Airport Systems Technical Support

  • Policy Support and Guidance

  • Safety Risk Management

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Support

Operations Research and Development

  • Airport Systems and Special Programs

  • Airport Performance Metrics

  • Queuing Analyses, Cost Comparison Analysis

  • Simulation

​Facility and Tall Structure Certification

  • Provide expertise in certification of, heliports and structures to include, complete turn-key site specific study reports

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